Ozonomics (Random House 2007)



In this entertaining and incisive book, Australian economist Andrew Charlton looks behind the political smokescreen to reveal just how much of the rhetoric we should believe. He argues that while much of the economic headlines we read and see on TV are misleading and irrelevant, workers’ rights, immigration, protectionism and investment in technology and education are all vital, in different ways, for the future of the nation — and often have a direct impact on the world in which we live, from the size of our paypackets to the range of produce in our local stores.

Forthright, compelling and extremely entertaining, this brilliant book shows ordinary readers why economics matters and why it is both more relevant and endlessly fascinating than they ever imagined


Ozonomics aims to demystify much of the white noise we hear in the media on the subject of the economy. If you’re like me price fluctuations, trade imbalances and the finer points of interest rate movements register zero effect on the intelligence.

Author Andrew Charlton does a wonderful job of breaking down the essentials of the economy into a clear and simple language, providing instructive examples and ‘cartoon economies’ in which to get big concepts across to reluctant readers.

With good doses of wit thrown in, Andrew Charlton has written an easy to read guide that deserves a wide readership. After all, we spend most of our lives contributing to the economy through our work and spending habits, and we elect leaders to manage it. We should have a clear picture of how it all really works, what’s important economic news and what’s mere fluff.



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